My Value-Chain Article Writing Format

1. Product possibilities: Engineers are paid dearly for there services. They are in the top twenty of highest paid professions:

2. Research and Development of which marketing is really a part of: Everyone runs to the solution. Therefore engineers are often the solution:

3. Design of product and product manufacturing processes: It’s amazing to me how smart humans are. The internet will connect all these humans. I hope to contribute to the designs that will contribute to life:

4. Production: I hope to start presenting solutions soon. I have many. My main talent and solution is organization:

5. Marketing and Sales of which marketing is really a part of research in step 2. above: I strongly believe in negotiation based on the purpose of improving the world by extending life eternally. I strongly believe in freedom. My purpose it to please myself and all others in any social exchange:

6. Distribution: The preferred means of distribution is ideally based on a self-produced if not local supplier. It tremendously helps reduce cost when you can produce whatever you like wherever you happen to be:

7. Customer Service which is really mostly a part of Sales and all other steps above and below: I will do my best to honor our agreement. I love life, and despise having to fear death. I believe every being can contribute to life:

8. Current Marketing Campaigns which is really Sales based on marketing research of step five. I don’t distinguish between a product and a service. The dilemma is easy. A product was made by someone who offered a service. The product to me, is the result one wishes for. A service is a product. and a product is a service. If it pleases you, it’s both a product and a service. There is no difference to me at this time of writing. If you would like to enlighten me, please do so via the comments section:

Here is my best current solution. If you have a better solution, please do comment.


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