1. Intellierosism?

Everyone has a philosophy, right? Everyone has an idea of how “everything” works. Everyone should have the right to form their ideas. Maybe they’re philosophy is religious. Maybe not. Either way I believe in freedom of thought. And philosophies often change over time. This web site represents my philosophy. And my philosophy is often improving due to my love of learning. So even if you don’t agree with every concept, you most likely will learn something useful.

I’ve just begun this web site, but please return or simply subscribe for changes. I have much to learn. I don’t post or write anything unless I’m sure I think I know what I’m talking about. If I’m guessing or pondering ideas, I’ll let the reader know so as not to mistake it for fact. So what would you call your philosophy or belief system. Whatever one calls what they believe in at the time, it’s all yours. Enjoy!


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