3. Formal Science Matter Philosophy (Scientific Method Mechanism)

Formal science is about concepts rather than matter. However, I think concepts are formed by matter. Thoughts are patterns that have purpose based on the relation to other patterns of matter. And all matter is a part of something. Every brick has a purpose. Every atom has a purpose. So all matter to me is formal matter. Just know that intelligence lies everywhere, not just in brains or computers. All matter has inputs, processors, and outputs.

Science has several categories: formal sciences, physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and applied and/or interdisciplinary sciences. There are also humanities, etc. But ultimately, they are all based on matter. Thinking depends on matter. A thought is a pattern of matter in a brain or even a cloud of pollen with a message for the receptors.

But I’ll explain more later. And of course discussion is always welcome.


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