1. Transpress (How-to) Mechanism (Pleasure Engineering Methods)

Transpression is what is done after impression and before expression. It’s planning. Of course there is an initial impression(intelligence gathering), then transpression, then expression isn’t done alone. Expression is done with continuous impression and transpression for feedback and  improvisation respectively. Executions(expressions) of plans always need feedback to know what the results are and often improvisation of the plan to ensure the strategies and tactics are realizing the desire. I’ll elaborate more as I learn more.


Below is a link to a very interesting book. A classic in the business world, but is also used widely as a source of  powerful strategic ideas that can be used to engineer any pleasures you desire: business, love, sports, etc.  The book is only about business, but the ideas are applicable to all endeavors. I read this book while I was a teenager. And it’s helped my reasoning very much. I’ll be providing more high quality resources as I improve this web site.

The Mind Of The Strategist: The Art of Japanese Business


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