Alcohol Beverages

Brew Your Own Alcohol Beverages for Under $30 Easy: Even Highest Quality Beverages

For brewing your own alcohol there is a super yeast brand that I use. It contains all the nutrients necessary for the yeast to thrive. 12% alcohol in 24 hours is how it works for me. It’s much faster than most other types and also very high quality.

Here’s the link for Super Yeast X-Press by Liquor Quik. Has extremely simple directions for the amount of alcohol content you want. Just water, dissolve the sugar, add the yeast, the flavors if you like, seal it, and it’s that simple. Then watch it fizz and bubble awhile later.

All the equipment you’ll need cost less than $20 dollars if you shop around.

Below are the links to all the equipment that I use and nothing more. You can use tap water if  it’s not too bad and the bucket doesn’t have to be super clean, just so you know. Anything sweet will work from sugar to fruit juice to honey to fruits like grapes for wine or oranges, etc. Just make sure it’s real sugar like cane sugar or fruits or honey and not some substitute. Any flavors you want to add can be used as well. There are plenty of flavoring packets. But do shop around as prices change. And you can find really nice prices that might shock you if you shop around. It’s that simple.

1. 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket with Lid and Spigot for Bottling Beer

2. Three-piece plastic airlock

This i’s a very basic under $20 setup that works just fine for every thing you can imagine. But there is very fancy equipment that costs way more if you like. That can measure carbonation and alcohol content. I’m a bit frugal but I still think it would be fun to use the fancy stuff. But the cheap setup gets the job done just fine.I will list some recipes below later as I discover recipes I really like.


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