4. Robotics

Any device that assists a human by mimicking a human mechanism will be considered robotic. The device can mimic the brain and be considered robotic: for example, desktop computers, smart phones, watches, etc. I’ll be refining this definition more as I learn more about human physiology and robotics. For instance cameras mimic human eyes, so they would be considered robotic.

However, one could argue that automobiles mimic human walking or running. But even though automobiles assist humans in transportation, I place automobiles in the exocyborg category. Eventually automobile technology and robotics will be combined. But for now I’ll distinguish between cyborg and exocyborg matter. So even though clothes are a form of shelter and mimic the skin, I still place clothes under exocyborg matter along with shelter and vehicles.

I get the sense I might have to clarify my categories to myself a bit more before I feel comfortable using them freely. Do clothes mimic skin? I don’t think so. A robot can also wear clothes, so therefore clothes does not mimic skin. Clothes is more like shelter. However, in the future, I’m sure humans won’t require shelter as we know it. For instance there is an underwater breathing mask that makes it possible for humans to breath underwater. I’ll have to verify that it really exists though, because I’ve just recently read about it. I’ve created a short post about it though.

Anyhow I’ll refine this description when I return to it.


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