5. Epicureanism

Epicureanism is another philosophy that I haven’t even begun to study. However, from what little I know of it, it seems to be something I might like. I’ll will thoroughly explore this topic later.

There are many ways to view pleasure. I’ll explain a few ways and then how I tend to view pleasure. It’s very simple. But the concept is extremely unknown to most people I’m guessing. But please don’t make the mistake of assuming that I prescribe to these philosophies. I merely wish to study them because they seem to have a few concepts that I like, and hopefully more. So I’m not an Epicurean. But I do wish to learn from Epicureanism. I learn from many sources as all people do. And all people essentially form there own philosophies. Sometimes very similar to the masses, sometimes very unique. But ultimately, I believe everyone has a philosophy of life. Mine will gradually reveal itself via this web site. My concepts aren’t permanent. I’m always thriving to improve everything.


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